We'll help you create a perfect personalized gift made for someone special.

Dragonfly Bouteek was founded in September 2015. Hi there! My name is Evelyn, I am the Owner of Dragonfly Bouteek and operate my online store myself. I worked as a Logistics Coordinator during the week, and now work full-time on my online store selling fabulous, BE-YOU-TIFUL Personalized Jewelry. I keep myself really busy doing the things I love!

My dream to start my own online business selling gorgeous personalized jewelry came about after working on a few personal pieces for myself and noticed how much people loved them. I received many compliments and was constantly asked, where did I buy it.

I felt it was time to share my treasure of BE-YOU-TIFUL Personalized Jewelry with you! It has become my passion to create pieces that mean so much to you or someone you love. I feel making personalized jewelry is like making my own magic. I hope you like what you see! My pieces are lovely treasures, and make incredible gifts for your family and friends! You'll find pretty much something for everyone! Be sure to check things out! Let me know if you have any questions.

I am always available for YOU!

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